A real-time kayaking journey.


Just finished shooting an education project in Guatemala that was almost as exciting as shooting kayaks doing amazing things on #destinationtorngat , but for entirely different reasons obviously, as it involved zero water activity. The West is pretty dry, but on my way back hoping to get on the water somewhere! ^ screen grab here of @redonkulous2u pushing the longboat game down a giant slide on the unbelievable Nachvak River in northern Labrador. @jackson.kayak @eddiebauer @wernerpaddles @kokatatusa #liveyouradventure #intothewater @delormegps

Pedro's group speech

Camped at number 13, Pedro Oliva talks about the team effort to descend all the falls on the Nachvak River. Athletes :: Pedro Oliva, Chris Korbulic, Ben Stookesberry, and Ben Marr

15 sec Benny Marr

Ben Marr talks about scouting one of the largest drops on the Nachvak River in the Torngat mountains of the Labrador Plateau. Athletes :: Ben Marr, Chris Korbulic, Pedro Oliva, and Ben Stookesberry

Destination Torngat - A journey into the Labrador Wilderness

A kayaking expedition into the heart of the Labrador Wilderness. Follow the journey at and Summer 2014. Athletes :: Ben Stookesberry, Pedro Oliva, Erik Boomer, Chris Korbulic, Ben Marr