Jan 21 2015 :: 11:45:45am EST

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Expedition: Greenland to Scotland
Where: Northern Atlantic Ocean
Who: Olly Hicks + George Bullard
Started: June 19, 2016

A 1,200+ mile adventure from Greenland to Scotland by kayak.

Follow two of Britain's most accomplished young adventurers, Olly Hicks and George Bullard as they follow the tale of the Inuit tribes-people, also known as Finnmen, who may have paddled this inhospitable stretch of ocean back in the 17th century.

Over the course of the six week expedition, the pair will encounter the mountainous seas and storm force winds between Iceland and the Faroe Islands, crossing over the notorious "Devil's Dancefloor", while spending a minimum of 12 nights afloat in their kayaks.

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